What to do about my performance review

The annual performance review process has begun.

Here's some background:
  • I've been at this company for a year and a half now, which is about six months longer than I originally planned to stay. 
  • Last year I completed a six month probationary review and when it was time for salary adjustments I received a raise amounting to 2.6% of my base salary of $30,000. As you can see from my first post, that means I was bumped to $30,800/yr. I don't want to sound ungrateful but giving a small percentage-based increase to an employee that makes very little is insignificant as after tax it added on a whopping $21.53 per paycheque.

Now that I've explained my starting point I can jump into my current situation. I've been given only until the end of this week to complete and return the self-assessment section of my performance review and it has thrown me into a mental pit. The trouble I'm having is that I can't complete the form without sounding bleak as hell.

Are you ready to take on additional responsibilities? What are your career goals?
Answer: I don't see any avenues for advancement within the company.

This is what I want to write because it's the truth. My only immediate possibility within the company is a position that I just do not want. It also doesn't pay much better and is definitely not a career starter either. I already don't enjoy my current job and I don't want to waste another year in a new job before moving on to something better. My current position was supposed to be the stopgap.
If you're wondering, my position isn't going anywhere and I perform it to all expectations but it is undeniably a dead-end.

The debate with myself that I am having is whether I am willing to sacrifice another tiny raise for the freedom of telling the truth on the assessment.