First monthly Net Worth Update +11.31%

Finally! After four months of only minor gains thanks to large purchases, I was able to dramatically improve my numbers this month.

Oct 1, 2011 +11.31%

TFSA - $15,202.41 (+0.12%)

ISA - $4,521.97 (+95.05%)

Stocks - $3,288.82 (+0.70%)

Cash* - $281.82 (+76.26%)

Total: $23,295.02
Gain: 11.31% or $2,367.18

Unfortunately my saving habits played only a minor role in the net gain. The real factor was receiving a small inheritance that I subsequently poured into my ISA for lack of a better idea. Also, because I have little invested in the stock market I didn't take the hit that everyone else seems to have taken this month. The stocks I do hold however have dropped almost 17% in value since May of this year.

*My Cash total may look awfully low each month but it doesn't reflect the actual amount of cash on hand. I subtract my current credit card balances from my chequing account balance to come to the total. As I only pay off my credit cards once a month, I do have cash on hand during the month for a small emergency. Reading other personal finance blogs has made me wonder if I shouldn't start a dedicated emergency fund for unforeseen expenses.