The Reality of Blogging and Google AdSense Earnings

This right here is the true reality of blogging. The hours you spent writing and tweaking your site returned to you just 4 cents in a month. It must rank alongside the worst paid professions in the world. (To be paid out with Google AdSense you need to have accumulated $100 in earnings. At this rate it would take me 208.3 yrs to receive my first cheque.) For this obvious reason there are very few who are able to blog full time. Do not be deceived into thinking that it is easy to create a popular blog or that the money will come in passively. The vast majority of blogs fizzle out over time. Look at any of the online blog archives to see how many blogs have been without posts for years or abandoned completely. People want to be rewarded for the time they've put into something and blogging for the majority does not return anything significant.

Get into blogging because you want to write. Get into blogging because you want to document a stage of your life. Get into blogging to be able to comment on things in the public sphere. But don't get into it for the money. Throwing some Google Adsense ads on your site is fine, but if you think you'll receive more than pennies a month you're setting yourself up for failure.

I started this blog because I became deeply interested in personal finance and figured this was a way to track my financial growth and development. It will also give my future self a snapshot into my mind at this very moment. It remains to be seen how long I'll last.