Dec 2011 Net Worth Update +3.25%

This last month has sped by and surprisingly I've posted another decent gain. I managed to save $500 this month, with the rest of the increase due to my stocks recovering from yearly lows. Next month I expect to pass the $25,000 Net Worth milestone if everything goes to plan. The three paycheques I will be receiving in December should assure me of it. 

Plans for this month and beyond:
-Contribute to my RRSP (company will match contribution up to 5% of salary)
-In January: buy into company's employee share purchase plan at the discounted rate

Dec 1, 2011 

TFSA - $15,240.55 (+0.12%)

ISA - $6,035.64 (+9.18%)

Stocks - $3,362.72 (+7.12%)

Chequing - $169.78 (+22.72%)

Total: $24,808.69
Gain: 3.25% or $780.99