Money Index

Money Index is a blog indexing site that I discovered a couple of months ago now. How I discovered it I'm not entirely sure but it was possibly through a link from the Canadian Capitalist, which I had just started to read. I suppose that the Canadian Capitalist started my interest in personal finance, but Money Index deserves the credit for making it into a passion. The section I view almost exclusively is the Canadian section which highlights other Canadian Personal Finance blogs. While I do occasionally read general finance blogs, there is a big difference between Canadian and American sites and so the information isn't always relevant. For example, Roth IRA's and 401k's don't apply to me, while TFSA's and RRSP's don't apply to American readers.

Money Index is great not just because it lists all of these sites, like Technorati does, but because of the way that it displays them. Instead of simply displaying the name and address of the site, it shows the five most recent posts. As well, a "new" icon pops up beside new posts to make it even easier to filter out what you've looked at already. It allows me to get a general idea of what everyone is talking about on a certain day and is much more efficient than going to each site manually and checking for new posts.

It's also given me ideas as to what I should write about on this site. I discovered the Million Dollar Journey's monthly net worth updates and it's convinced me to start doing my own. I've found it's a great way to track my development. Now I can't understand how someone wouldn't do at least quarterly checkups to see how they are doing and if there is anything that they need to change going forward.

There's no hiding that I'm hoping to actually be listed on the site one day. More traffic would mean I'd receive comments and suggestions from others who also take their personal finances as seriously as I do.

Anyways, go check them out if you haven't already. Money Index.


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