Nov 2011 Net Worth Update +3.15%

I've managed to add more to my savings this month, but my stocks continue to slow me down. My stocks are now down more than 20% since June. That's $800 lost in net worth, blah. It's funny and a little depressing comparing my numbers to the Million Dollar Journey. He posted a 2.66% increase this month but because he's dealing with much larger numbers, his increase worked out to almost $15,000 and that's just in a single month!

Here are my puny numbers.

Nov 1, 2011 

TFSA - $15,221.78 (+0.13%)

ISA - $5,528.33 (+22.25%)

Stocks - $3,139.24 (-4.55%)

Cash* - $138.35 (-50.91%)

Total: $24,027.70
Gain: 3.15% or $732.68

I'm aiming to have $8,000 saved up in my ISA by January so that I can top up my TFSA contribution to $20k and spend $3,000 to buy into my employee share purchase plan. I'm hoping also to transfer the TFSA funds into some form of investment fund. I've wanted to open an e-series fund with TD for the longest time now but they sure don't make it easy. I'm also a professional procrastinator so that probably played a part.

*My Cash total may look awfully low each month but it doesn't reflect the actual amount of cash on hand. I subtract my current credit card balances from my chequing account balance to come to the total. As I only pay off my credit cards once a month, I do have cash on hand during the month for a small emergency.


  1. I don't worry too much about the stocks since that stuff fluctuates up and down anyways. You're in it for the long haul, and lower prices mean cheaper stocks, right :)

  2. Exactly my thinking. Thanks for the comment.


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