Jan 2012 Net Worth Update +11.4% Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully 2012 is treating you well. I'm starting this year off strong with an enormous gain of 11.4% over last month. Not only have I passed the $25,000 mark but I've obliterated it. The secret this month was that I received three paycheques in December as opposed to the normal two. Two months of every year I receive three paycheques in a month and it inflates the numbers. Another factor is that I was given a good amount of cash as a Christmas present to be used on a vacation sometime early this year. I thought about not including it as it will disappear from my numbers quite abruptly but until it is spent I feel it should go on the list. It is making me a couple dollars in interest after all.

As you can see below there is a new addition to my list this month, the RRSP. I have contributed this amount because it is the exact amount that my company will match. I plan to withdraw the money in the RRSP shortly afterwards as I am in such a low tax bracket already that it doesn't make sense to keep it there.

Plans for the month:
- Take advantage of my company's employee share purchase plan by buying $3,080 worth of stock at the discounted rate. I considered purchasing the shares monthly to take advantage of dollar cost averaging but decided against it as I don't know how long I will remain at the company.

Here are the numbers for the month

Jan 1, 2012

TFSA - $15,259.97 (+0.13%)

ISA - $7,100.04 (+17.64%)

Stocks - $3,296.30 (-1.98%)

RRSP - $1,245.13 (+$1,245.13)

Chequing - $736.54

Total: $27,637.98
Gain: 11.4% or $2,829.29

New Years Resolution:
-Post more often
After three months of somewhat consistent posting I find myself having had no new entries since my last net worth update. December was busy and flew by in a flash but that's no excuse. I've had a post ready since November about the Starbucks Iphone app but never got around to posting it. Damn procrastination.