March 2012 Net Worth Update +5.8%

Here are the numbers for the month
March 1, 2012
TFSA - $15,310.04 (+0.16%)
TD Waterhouse TFSA e-series- $4,966.54 

Stocks - $3,527.70 (+8.84%)
(stocks purchased this month = $278.72)

ISA - $4,222.40 (-40.6%)
RRSP - $1,249.22 (+0.16%)
Chequing - $275.80

Total: $29,551.70
Gain: +5.8% or $1,619.01

New things this past month:
1. Finally bought TD e-series funds after a year of procrastinating
2. Received matching RRSP contribution from employer for $1,245.00 which made up the majority of my gain.
3. Purchased $278.72 worth of company stock. I am buying monthly now so as to take advantage of dollar cost averaging.
4. ISA decreased due to funding of e-series and stock purchases

1. I am now only $450 short of breaking the $30,000 mark and should easily reach it next month.
2. I'd like to transfer more of my ING TFSA funds into TD's e-series but the paperwork looks like a hassle so we'll see.
3. I will be filing my taxes in the next few days and am expecting a return of approximately $300.


  1. Looking great! I'm still in the negatives where net worth in concerned, but reaching zero soon! :)

  2. Thanks for the comment. It looks like you'll be passing me soon enough with all your online income. I'm definitely envious.


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