May 2012 Net Worth Update +0.74% - Stagnation

More than a month late but better than never. To tell you the truth I have lost the desire to write. I have started to wonder whether my interest in Personal Finance wasn't just a phase. My monthly net worth updates look like they will be stagnant for a long while now seeing as how I am unable to save anything each month thanks to the new apartment. One thing that happened this month was that I was able to transfer all of my ING TFSA funds over to TD TFSA e-series.

May 1, 2012
TD Waterhouse TFSA e-series- $20,428.59

Stocks - $4,082.57
(stocks purchased this month = $278.72)

ISA - $3,831.79
RRSP - $1,252.72
Chequing - $629.61

Total: $30,225.28
Gain: +0.74% or $222.91