Dec 2012 Net Worth Update +0.35%

Another month has now gone by without any improvement to my net worth. It is frustrating seeing as I actually received three paycheques this month instead of the usual two. Where did that extra money go to you might ask? Who knows? I didn't make any large purchases during the month and yet the small ones have managed to consume everything nonetheless. I think it to be very true that people's spending habits increase alongside their paycheques. On the bright side, it means an extra automatic contribution to my company's stock plan and so I bought a little more stock than usual this month. In other news, I am finally pushing to find a new job elsewhere. The stagnation is becoming unbearable at my current workplace.

Dec 2, 2012
TD Waterhouse TFSA e-series - 21,034.85 +0.03%

Stocks - $7,220.43 +4.11%
(stocks purchased this month = $418.08)

ISA - $3,432.41 +0.11%
RRSP - $1,262.65 +0.11%
Chequing - $72.19

Total: $33,022.53
Gain: 0.35% or $114.99