March 2013 - Net Worth Update +5.83%

Well this was a surprise. I've managed to post a 5.83% gain which works out to almost $2,000 for the month. For the second month in a row my company's shares have performed outstandingly well and are responsible for most of the increase. Seeing as the stock price is now at an all time high I am beginning to question whether now isn't the right time to unload them. At the moment I am split 50/50 between holding and selling. On one hand the price is at an all time high but on the other I think there is still room for the company to grow and I could see it taking off to the point where it becomes a major player in the industry. It's a tough one. Meanwhile, my RRSP is still stuck in a useless ING account waiting to be transferred to an e-series account with TD. Looking at my TFSA, the funds posted a moderate gain which was surprising considering all of the bad press surrounding the sequester situation that the Americans have got themselves into.

When I started out this month I had hopes that I might break the $35,000 mark. Little did I know that I would crush that target and cross $36,000 instead. I think this goes to show the volatility and unpredictability of stocks. While I benefitted this month, I can only shudder to think of how I would be feeling if it had gone the other way instead. Having to weather substantial losses can test the best of us even with our minds set firmly on the future and the long term.

Anyways, a good month for me and now I can set my sights on the $40,000 mark.
Slow progress, but progress nonetheless.

March 1, 2013
TD Waterhouse TFSA e-series - $22,610.65 +1.94%

Stocks - $10,746.40 +15.57%
(stocks purchased this month  = $298.64)

RRSP - $2,810.96 +0.11%
Chequing - $36.29

Total: $36,204.30
Gain: 5.83% or  $1,994.20