April 2013 Net Worth Update -1.7% - A temporary loss

April 1, 2013
TD Waterhouse TFSA e-series - $22,892.65 +1.25%

Stocks - $10,897.32 +1.4%
(stocks purchased this month  = $298.64)

RRSP - $2,814.18 +0.11%
Chequing - -$1,014.11

Total: $35,590.04
Gain: -1.7% or  -$614.26

There's not a lot to say for this month except that I clearly mismanaged my expenses and income. It was mostly bad luck due to a number of expenses occurring in the same month and my paydays not falling on helpful dates. As I write this today, on April the 7th, those negatives numbers have improved as I received another paycheque on Friday.

I have found that I am struggling because I have a very low amount of cash on hand at any one moment. Almost all of my assets are tied up in investments that I don't want to touch for the foreseeable future. Rather than "house poor", I suppose I am "investment poor". 

Another reason I am struggling is that I am trying to eat, ie. not budget extra for, a $230 payment each month for my Invisalign. It basically means I am attempting to spend $230 less each month to account for this payment. It will be quite an achievement if I am able to go the whole payment schedule without pulling money out of somewhere else to help pay for it. The total cost that I am trying to eat works out to around $1,800.