May 2013 Net Worth Update -1.17% - Another loss

Another loss this month but quite a respectable one considering everything that took place.
I decided to enroll in the Canadian Securities Course (CSC) to see whether I really want to pursue a career in personal finance or finance in general. I've just completed my first exam and should have the course completed by the next update. This course was $1,100 so a $417 loss during the month doesn't seem so bad now. One day I will write a post about the course and my experiences with it.

I also sold all of my company's shares this month for a nice profit, but will still be buying shares monthly through the employee stock purchase plan.

I expect next months results to be positive again, assuming I don't have any surprise expenses to deal with.
Still slowly moving along.

May 1, 2013
TD Waterhouse e-series TFSA - $28,396.30 +24.04%
TD e-series RRSP - $2,814.62 +0.02%

Company stocks - $298.64 -99.86%
(stocks purchased this month  = $298.64)

Chequing - $3,663.21

Total: $35,172.77
Gain: -1.17% or  -$417.27

"The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy."