Sep 2013 Net Worth Update -5.18% - Vacation expenses hit home

Well this isn't a figure that I want to see very often, a record decrease of -5.18% for the month. Thankfully this wasn't due to any bad investment decisions but rather expenses for my upcoming vacation to Asia at the end of September. The large majority of the expenses are from my hotel costs. (I have decided to go the hotel route this time as opposed to staying in hostels as I did throughout Europe.) On the plus side, my flight and accommodation are all paid for now so the only expenses I have to budget for will be my food, sightseeing, and daily travelling costs. I expect next month's update to be flat or down a little depending, but then returning to consistent gains thereafter. While this is a large amount of money for me, I know that it will be money well spent. I have never for a second regretted the costs of my trip through Europe and I have countless memories that I would not trade for anything.

Here are the numbers for the month.

Sep 1, 2013
TD Waterhouse e-series TFSA - $29,536.15 -0.25%
TD e-series RRSP - $2,915.69 -0.13%

Company stocks - $1,879.12 +26.31%
(stocks purchased this month  = $298.64)

ING ISA - $0.00 -100%
Chequing - $878.96

Total: $35,209.92
Gain: -5.18% or -$1,922.76