Oct 2013 Net Worth Update - +0.01% Stasis

Well that was a close one this month as I barely eked out a positive gain. This is thanks solely to my investments increasing in value and counterbalancing the roughly $800 decrease in my cash balance. I don't foresee any large purchases in the near future so I should return to posting gains in short order. Perhaps over the next few months I'll write about some of my experiences travelling in Asia.

Oct 16, 2013
TD Waterhouse e-series TFSA - $30,106.20 +1.93%
TD e-series RRSP - $2,973.65 +1.99%

Company stocks - $2,113.91 +12.49%
(stocks purchased this month  = $298.64)

Chequing - $18.05

Total: $35,211.81
Gain: +0.01% or +$1.89