Jan 2014 Net Worth Update +1.52% - Another Year Gone By

Happy New Year everyone.

There wasn't much going on for me this month except my TFSA and RRSP creeping upwards and setting new all time highs. You'd think that I would be happy with them advancing but they have moved up so much this year that they are making me feel uneasy. (The TFSA was barely over $29,000 in September)

In other news I have sold more of my company's shares in order to prepare for an RRSP contribution which I will be making shortly. The only reason I contribute to my RRSP while I am in such a low tax bracket is because my company will match my contribution up to 5% of my salary.

As you can see from my net worth graph below I suffered quite a drop because of the trip I took to Asia and am only now recovering from it. I figure that I would have reached the $40,000 net worth mark by now if I hadn't decided to travel, but in the end it was worth it for me at this point in my life. I hope to pass that mark anyways in the coming months, barring any unexpected expenses.

Here are the numbers for the month.

Jan 1, 2014

TD Waterhouse e-series TFSA - $32,253.63 +1.73%
TD e-series RRSP - $3,170.97 +1.45%

Company stocks - $447.94 -85.03%
(stocks purchased this month = $298.64)

ISA - $50.32 +0.1%
Chequing - $1,830.95

Total: $37,753.81
Gain: +1.52% or +$566.90