Tim Hortons increases caffeine content in coffee by 35% - or do they?

Tim Hortons increases caffeine content in coffee by 35% - or do they?

Two years ago I wrote a post dispelling a number of myths regarding the caffeine content in coffee and a few other drinks. Know your Coffee - Caffeine Content. It was a moderately successful post until about two weeks ago when someone in the comments mentioned that my numbers for Tim Hortons were incorrect and that I should check Tim Hortons' website and see for myself. I am not usually one to make errors when it comes to specifics so I went and checked the website and lo and behold, my numbers are incorrect. They may be incorrect now but they weren't when I originally wrote the post in March 2012. The caffeine content guide from Tim Hortons that I had originally used was last updated on Jan 23, 2012, but they have now released an updated one as of Nov 6, 2013, which I have placed beside each other for comparison below. I've linked the full guides at the bottom of this post if you're interested in seeing their full list of drinks.

The thing that is apparently clear is that the caffeine totals for their standard brew have all increased and not by an insignificant amount, roughly 35% or greater. I sent a request to Tim Hortons' customer support inquiring as to whether a new source of beans was the reason behind the change or perhaps a new and refined testing technique gave more accurate numbers this time around. The response below which I received from Tim Hortons' customer support doesn't do much in the way of clarifying the increase. While I would expect some variation in the caffeine totals because as they mention it is an agricultural product after all, an increase of this size doesn't seem to fit. Simply saying that a supplier had changed or that the beans were sourced from somewhere else would have been a sufficiently reasonable answer.

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for your interest in Tim Hortons products!

The caffeine content changed simply as a result of us just updating the information, there was no change to the product. In general, since it is an agricultural product, there can always be some variance in the caffeine content.

Please call us on the guest service number at 1-888-601-1616, if you require more information or any clarification.

Yours truly,

The TDL Group Corp.

Guest Services Representative
Toll Free: 1-888-601-1616


Tim Hortons - Caffeine Content Guide
New - Nov 2013:

Miiockm -  Know your Coffee - Caffeine Content


  1. Didnt they change their sizes? I.e. the new small was the old medium.

    1. I double checked to make sure that wasn't the reason. They changed their cup sizes in January 2012 and was already reflected in the previous guide I used. The easiest way to tell is that there was no extra small size previously.


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