Nov 2014 Net Worth Update +0.95%

This last month was full of expenses so I am pleased to report that I have recovered most of the losses from the previous month and am now ready to begin saving again. As you can see I had to liquidate all of the shares I held in my employee share purchase plan to help pay for the expenses and this was in addition to having already placed on hold any further contributions into the plan. Hopefully I will be able to start the plan up again in the near future once I get a better handle on everything.
TFSA - $39,343.93 +6.32%

RRSP - $5,329.84 +0.53%

Company stocks - $0.00 -100%
(stocks purchased this month = $0)

Chequing - $257.25

Total: $44,931.12
Gain: +0.95% or +$421.71