Jan 2015 Net Worth Update +0.44%

The TSX took a beating mid-month but recovered slightly by the end and so I've avoided the dip in net worth that I was expecting. I'm not overly thrilled with any of the numbers, but I don't have a lot to complain about either seeing as things are still on the way up. However, it is becoming painfully obvious that I need to find a way to increase the monthly gains or I'm going to be sitting in the low 5 digits for a long time to come.

Next month I will see a sizeable gain thanks in part to an RRSP contribution made by my employer. I am wondering whether now would be the best time to actually remove the funds from the RRSP as I'm already in a low tax bracket and my earnings should be increasing over my working years. 

TFSA - $40,352.57 +0.73%

RRSP - $5,444.76 +0.15%

Company stocks - $688.92 +95.48%
(stocks purchased this month = $298.64)

Chequing - -$559.88

Total: $45,926.37
Gain: +0.44% or +$202.33