Feb 2015 Net Worth Update +8.06%

This was a strange month to say the least as you can see from the large gain I posted below. For all the events unfolding in the world that were supposed to affect the markets, very few of them actually did. (Though these may have long term consequences which are not immediately known.)
To name a few of the events which occurred in the last month: 
  • the price of oil seems to bottom out before recovering slightly
  • the Bank of Canada cuts the overnight rate in a surprise move
  • Greece elects anti-austerity party threatening the Euro
This month I also received an RRSP contribution from my employer which was responsible for a little over a third of my gain.
TFSA - $42,303.73 +4.84%

RRSP - $5,705.49 +4.79%

Stocks - $992.57 +44.08%
(purchased this month = $298.64)

Chequing - $627.40

Total: $49,629.19
Gain: +8.06% or +$3,702.82