March 2015 Net Worth Update +4.46% - $50k Milestone

Another month of quite substantial gains generated by continued strength in the markets. I don't let these gains go to my head by pretending that they are somehow related to any skill I might have, as I know they could easily reverse in the coming months. I am not one to think that I can beat the markets and this forms the bedrock of my long-term investing strategy. Having said that, however illusory these gains may be, I still can't deny feeling a hint of satisfaction when passing these milestones along the way.  
TFSA - $44,870.92 +6.07%

RRSP - $5,903.57 +3.47%

Stocks - $1,362.63 +37.28%
(purchased this month = $298.64)

Chequing - -$295.42

Total: $51,841.70
Gain: +4.46% or +$2,212.51

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