May/June 2016 Net Worth Update +1.18%

I missed reporting my May 2016 net worth and I'm disappointed with myself for it.
I was travelling in Asia again at the beginning of May and was distracted with a lot of things, but that really isn't an excuse. The truth is that I haven't given much thought to this site in quite a while - but that should change in the coming months as my life gets a tad more exciting.

I am considering liquidating what's left of my RRSP to use as cash on hand for a possible move coming up.

June 1, 2016

TFSA - $46,442.48 +3.08%

RRSP - $4,009.67 +4.06%

Stocks - $0
(purchased this month = $0)

Chequing - -$166.90

Total: $50,285.25

Gain:  +1.18% or +$588.39