Aug 2017 Net Worth Update - One year later and still in Hong Kong

Time rolls on and I realize now I haven't made a post since Oct 2016 which is remarkable. However, I have kept up with my own net worth calculations at least. Instead of catching up with all of those missed months I will just post my most recent update.  I have seen decent gains since moving to HK but then I have also taken countless small vacations here and there that have dented the numbers. But in the end am I happier having taken all those trips than I would be now with a few thousands dollar more? Absolutely. What is life without these experiences? In the last 12 months I have visited Spain, Andorra, Mauritius, Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Canada. - Some of these countries I visited multiple times.

Here are my numbers for the month and they are so complicated now with foreign currencies that I won't bother breaking them down more than below.

Aug 4, 2017

 CAD TFSA - $51,056.75
Other CAD funds - $1,162.92

Cash held in HKD but converted to CAD - $7,529.12

Total: $59,748.79 CAD

($371,895.43 HKD)
1 CAD = 6.22432 HKD @ 04/08/2017