March 2018 Net Worth Update -2.09% Currency fluctuations

The first thing to note this month is that I will now consider the HKD value as my primary net worth number instead of CAD. While I will continue tallying both I think my mind has made the switch now to valuing things in HKD first and as I can't see a return to Canada anytime soon I think it makes more sense. However, as I still hold Canadian equity in my TFSA I will be prone to currency fluctuations for the foreseeable future. This month is a good example in which my net worth in HKD decreased while my CAD value actually increased in a mirroring percentage.

I have a positive financial outlook for the moment as I am increasing my income and expect to see the net worth numbers start growing month by month at least until the summer.

March 4, 2018

$402,732.49 HKD -2.09%
($66,236.61 CAD) +2.30%

1 CAD = 6.08021 HKD @ 04/03/2018