April 2019 Net Worth Update - $90k Milestone

April 3, 2019

This was the third month in a row of >5% growth(in CAD) and there were three reasons for this:
  • The stock markets went up a fair amount in a short period of time. (My CAD TFSA alone went up nearly $6k in this time frame.
  • I had extra income come in during February and March which would boosted my overall income for those months.
  • I did not book as many vacations as I usually would and opted for closer and cheaper locations when I still wanted to go somewhere.
It was just in February that I broke the $80,000 (CAD) mark for the first time and now two months later I've broken through the $90,000 mark as well. The three reasons above help to explain it but they are also not expected to continue into the coming months. Unfortunately, my income will actually be decreasing as I step away from some weekend work and other things. Additionally, with summer coming up I will be deciding whether to return home for a visit or to travel on to more exotic locations. As I have more or less visited the places nearby that I want to visit, I will need to travel further each time to go somewhere new. Here are my numbers for the month.
April 3, 2019

$538,322.55 HKD +4.40%
($91,389.97 CAD) +5.76%

1 CAD = 5.89039 HKD @ 03/04/2019