Dec 2019 Net Worth Update - $100K Milestone

Well, here we are eight years after creating this blog and I can finally say that I've reached the $100k (CAD) milestone. When I look at the progress over the years it can seem so small and insignificant that I question what I am even doing. But then I have also visited over thirty countries and enjoyed what I could on a quite small salary for a majority of the time that this blog has existed. The real progress has come in the last year as my salary increased without any significant lifestyle inflation on my part. I have found that my interest in personal finance has also been rekindled lately and I am truly hoping I can make something of this new energy.

On twitter I have strayed enormously from the personal finance world and heavily into politics and the deteriorating situation here in Hong Kong (the place I now consider my home).
Maybe this was a mistake in regards to the blog losing its focus, but then again my finances and I exist in this environment and I'm not going to pretend it's not happening around me.
Just so we're clear, I stand with the people of Hong Kong.

Dec 1, 2019
$603,087.61 HKD
($102,301.47 CAD)

1 CAD = 5.8952 HKD @ 01/12/2019