My first $100 of Google AdSense Revenue took 10 years

 I began this site back in September of 2011 with some high hopes of writing weekly and documenting my financial growth. I also had dreams of maybe making a few dollars here and there from ads over time, but I would soon realize my mistake after only a month. If I was to make money, it was not going to be through AdSense.

I talked about it in this post from 2011 where I made $0.04 in my first month of writing.


But - I do now have one happy thing to report after all of that time and it is in the picture below. A milestone I thought I would never see (I originally estimated it would take 208.3yrs) was reached in 9 years and 10 months.

So, I did it. I succeeded in reaching the milestone that I thought was almost impossible. Obviously $10/year in revenue is not a business model but I will admit that it has still made an emotional impact on me. 

I'm glad I started writing this blog and maybe I can think of some more things to share in the future. Let's see if I can reach the next $100 in say... 5 years?

Anyways, thanks to whoever read this blog even in passing and to those who clicked the links - most likely by accident. I appreciate you all the same.