Sep 2021 Net Worth Update - A million (hk) dollars

 Hello again, I've been busy since I last posted one of these updates and the numbers have went up considerably. However, most of it was gained by focusing strictly on work with little room for the rest. I have now decided to slow myself down and focus on doing things that make my life better, although obviously I want to keep momentum going in the right direction.

I am also now considering enrolling in a course so as to help myself advance a little quicker in my career. However, it has some difficulties which I will need to sort out first and also realize that it will keep me busy for almost a year once begun.  But that decision has not been made yet so for the moment I can relax a little and focus on myself and my loved ones. Hope to write some more soon on this site as well, if I can stay focused.

I also recently looked back on my ten year blog anniversary below.

Ten Years 

Sep 19, 2011 - Sep 19, 2021

Sep 1, 2021

$1,008,437.39 HKD
($163,715.49 CAD)

1 CAD = 6.15949 @ 01/09/2021