How to be a douchebag foreigner/expat in Hong Kong

How to be a douchebag foreigner/expat in Hong Kong

If you have ever met foreigners/expats in Hong Kong then you may have witnessed many of these first hand and I would like to apologize on their behalf. Please help me grow the list if you have anymore to add.

- Only live in Sai Ying Pun, Mid-Levels, Sheung Wan, or Kennedy Town. (+ other foreigner-friendly enclaves but you get the idea) Also tell people how you couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

- Complain about the crowded spaces and people everywhere, even though you are one of them

- Go to Lan Kwai Fong frequently (or substitute for Wan Chai)

- Join lots of yacht parties

- Talk about how amazing junks are

- Pay stupid amounts of money for coffee

- Only know Dragon's Back for hiking

- Pay a ridiculous amount of money for a Pure Fitness membership or other gym in Central

- Drink wine on your rooftop often

- Comment often how you don't need to learn Cantonese to get by

- Comment how it's so weird how people here do something but not back in the states, UK, etc.

- Comment how you don't understand why locals are unhappy with the government. 

- Complain about the government only when it affects your privileged lifestyle (quarantine food, can't travel, I can't breathe in this mask)

- Look down on locals

- Look down on poorer foreigners/expats

- Look down on poor people

- Comment how you almost never leave the island - because why?

- Only take taxis or Uber everywhere

- Frequent the beaches often (only HK island)

- Only take the Star Ferry when family are visiting and take the next ferry straight back

I will update this list over time.