2015 TFSA Limit = $5,500

The CRA has announced that the annual TFSA contribution limit for 2015 will be $5,500. This makes the total possible contribution room since introduction a sizeable $36,500.

Know your Coffee - Caffeine Content

Myth: Tim Hortons coffee is stronger (ie has more caffeine) or is the same as Starbucks. Answer: False. Starbucks coffee contains more than twice the caffeine of a comparable size at Tim Hortons.

My TD e-Series TFSA - 1 year later

It was a year ago in April 2012, that I finally transferred my whole TFSA to TD Waterhouse to purchase their e-Series funds. The initial process was a real pain in the ass but looking at the gains a year later I think it just may have been worth it.

Who has the largest TFSA Balance?

A recent article from the Globe and Mail has got me wondering who has the most valuable TFSA in the country and how they managed to achieve it.

To what end do we work?

If I were to answer the question, I would tell you that I make money so that I can provide for myself and my family. To live comfortably and without worry.

A credit card is a tool. Learn how to use it.

The personal finance world is rife with bloggers that went way into debt in their early university years, only to overcome it finally after many years of struggle. In a way these people learned a lesson which should have been understood before they even got their first credit card.

Greatest apartment hunting tool

As I'm currently in the process of looking for an apartment, I'd like to suggest to anyone else in the same situation to definitely take a look at Padmapper.

Goals and Happiness

I have thought a lot about what my goals should be for this site. I see other people have set theirs as paying off credit cards, student loans, or mortgages.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

June 2015 Net Worth Update +1.86%

The numbers lie - I'm struggling.

TFSA - $45,801.01 +3.08%

RRSP - $5,903.08 +1.67%

Stocks - $2,501.49 +27.02%
(purchased this month = $298.64)

Chequing - -$527.31

Total: $53,678.27
Gain: +1.86% or +$982.07

May 2015 Net Worth Update +1.21% - Still around

TFSA - $44,430.88 -1.58%

RRSP - $5,806.33 -1.71%

Stocks - $1,969.36 +17.41%
(purchased this month = $298.64)

Chequing - $489.63

Total: $52,696.20
Gain: +1.21% or +$632.36

Friday, 3 April 2015

April 2015 Net Worth Update +0.43% - The struggle

A very minor change to report this month but I am content to be holding steady and not backsliding. 

I've just barely been keeping up with my expenses the last couple months, let alone finding any extra money to put away into savings. My cash flow is very poor (-$666.35) between paycheques and I would not be able to get by strictly using cash for purchases.

How I'm going to find another $5,500 for my TFSA contribution this year is anyone's guess. I figure finding the money will be almost impossible if I still want to travel anywhere at all this year. 

I'm also beginning to worry how reliable my old car is and where I would find the money to replace it if I had to. The only real way I see would be to liquidate the stocks I hold in unregistered accounts and to withdraw from my RRSP(whatever taxation results). If I can help it I would like to leave my TFSA untouched but that may not be feasible.

While at times I may seem to be struggling, the real truth is that I could be much worse off. I believe I have some good habits as well as a long-term mentality that will help me take advantage of the little I do have. 

"The struggle itself towards the heights is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy." - Albert Camus

TFSA - $45,145.26 +0.61%

RRSP - $5,907.59 +0.07%

Stocks - $1,677.34 +23.10%
(purchased this month = $298.64)

Chequing - -$666.35

Total: $52,063.84
Gain: +0.43% or +$222.14

Sunday, 1 March 2015

March 2015 Net Worth Update +4.46% - $50k Milestone

Another month of quite substantial gains generated by continued strength in the markets. I don't let these gains go to my head by pretending that they are somehow related to any skill I might have, as I know they could easily reverse in the coming months. I am not one to think that I can beat the markets and this forms the bedrock of my long-term investing strategy. Having said that, however illusory these gains may be, I still can't deny feeling a hint of satisfaction when passing these milestones along the way.  
TFSA - $44,870.92 +6.07%

RRSP - $5,903.57 +3.47%

Stocks - $1,362.63 +37.28%
(purchased this month = $298.64)

Chequing - -$295.42

Total: $51,841.70
Gain: +4.46% or +$2,212.51

Previous Milestones
July 2011 - $20k
April 2012 Net Worth Update +1.53% - $30k Milestone!
Feb 2014 Net Worth Update +6.02% - $40k Milestone

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Feb 2015 Net Worth Update +8.06%

This was a strange month to say the least as you can see from the large gain I posted below. For all the events unfolding in the world that were supposed to affect the markets, very few of them actually did. (Though these may have long term consequences which are not immediately known.)
To name a few of the events which occurred in the last month: 
  • the price of oil seems to bottom out before recovering slightly
  • the Bank of Canada cuts the overnight rate in a surprise move
  • Greece elects anti-austerity party threatening the Euro
This month I also received an RRSP contribution from my employer which was responsible for a little over a third of my gain.
TFSA - $42,303.73 +4.84%

RRSP - $5,705.49 +4.79%

Stocks - $992.57 +44.08%
(purchased this month = $298.64)

Chequing - $627.40

Total: $49,629.19
Gain: +8.06% or +$3,702.82

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