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Working in Hong Kong as an English Teacher – How much can I make?

Working in Hong Kong as an English Teacher – How much can I make?

How much can I make as an English Teacher in Hong Kong? Well this is not a straight forward answer and depends on the schools and organizations that you will be working for, as well as your own qualifications. Below I will list all of the options that I am familiar with, although this is obviously not a comprehensive list and there could be many more niche positions. My focus here is on Kindergartens and Tuition centres in that most fresh teachers coming to Hong Kong will be starting there. Also, if you have any questions at all or want some advice then I am more than happy to help so just let me know in the comments.
These salaries are monthly and in Hong Kong Dollars.
#1 Local Kindergartens (w/ an agent) – Employed by an agent that places you in local Kindergartens throughout Hong Kong. $20,000 (no experience) – Also, you can look at receiving about $1,000/yr in raises. Some companies may provide bonuses for attendance…

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