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Feb 2019 Net Worth Update - $80k Milestone

Feb 1, 2019
Hello, I'm still here.

My first post was on Sep 19, 2011 and so we passed the 7th anniversary last year. I say "we" in spite of the fact that I write here to myself and really it's hard to say that I even contribute much to the enterprise anymore other than rigidly recording my monthly totals. Possibly til the day I die I will perform this routine which supposedly steers me towards a better future outcome. Online I have spent more time arguing for democracy than anything finance related but life is often interconnected and money can seem a distant matter.

In regards to my numbers, it's been slow and steady, though I'd like to think I've finally started to pick up the pace a little bit these days. My income has increased while my effective tax rate has plunged to pitiful lows thanks to Hong Kong's over-reliance on land sales to fund their government. My personal savings rate is high as I live a basic life and don't spend like a typical for…

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