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Renting a flat in Hong Kong - Things to look out for

Renting a flat in Hong Kong - Things to look out for Renting a flat in Hong Kong can be easy but also immensely frustrating at the same time. Many things that foreigners take for granted in rental agreements do not apply here or the rules are full of loopholes (not to mention shady landlords who will take advantage of you.) The one thing I want to get across to everyone is that you must protect yourself here because you can't rely on the system to protect you. - Most rentals are handled through agents. They will generally have a fee of half a month's rent for their service. Some agents only have flats around their small area so if your agent doesn't have anything else in the location you want then just go to a different agent and see what they have. - Rental/safety deposits are typically 2 months and you will also need to pay the first month's rent upfront. This means you should expect to pay 3 months worth of rent at the beginning, which can be quite a large sum. - Che

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